That’s me (in the middle), on a trip. Of course.

This site highlights the thoughts, work and words of Stephen W. Brock.

That’s Steve Brock to my friends.

In particular, I focus here on the Art of Meaningful Experiences especially around the intersection of travel and creativity along with thoughts on the world of branding and the reality of perception.

If you want to find out more about me and my book,Β Hidden Travel: The Way to More,Β check out this page.

For a living I run Brand:Wallop, an integrated marketing and branding agency. There I work with corporations and non-profits to create meaningful experiences for their customers and donors. Usually, this involves helping them tell their stories better and create points of engagement that matter to their audiences.

As part of that work and on the side, I seek to create meaningful experiences that usually involve one or many of the following interests: travel, writing, photography, sculpture and furniture design, music (piano, guitar, ukulele), mountain biking, backpacking, surfing and many others.

Like many of us, I have many interests. The purpose of this site is to try and show how they all relate, intersectΒ and actually enhance each other. As we’ll explore here, creativity and innovation thrive when we learn to see new possibilities in areas that are seemingly unconnected.

In particular, we’ll explore all facets of creativity from the arts to business implications and look at how travel (in all its varied forms) can enhance your creativity. Moreover, we’ll look at how key principles of creativity can make any trip better…more meaningful. While this site focuses on the intersection of travel and creativity, I also write on the intersection of travel and faith over at The Meaningful Traveler

Hopefully, you’ll learn something new but not just for novelty’s sake. My hope is that this site will provide you with ideas, insights and information you can use right away to make your own life and work more meaningful.

Thanks for stopping by.



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