See what matters by focusing on the right details

Start seeing the best part of your trip

Many travelers miss the most important and meaningful parts of their trip because they are looking in the wrong places or in the wrong way.

To be a better traveler, writer or photographer, it helps to focus on the details you encounter on a trip. But not just any details. The right details.

How do you know what those are? Which will make for a better trip, story or photograph? Which small moments will make your travel even more meaningful and memorable?

Find out with this FREE guide to knowing what to look for and how to see. Look Closely is a free image- and example-rich ebook that helps you:

  • Learn what to see and most of all, new ways of seeing
  • Know what to look for in any scene
  • Understand why some details matter more than others
  • Discern which are the right details for you
  • Learn which questions to ask yourself when you're onsite so you get the best results

Use this guide to travel, write and photograph better and have more enjoyable and meaningful trips overall. You'll also receive periodic updates on other travel tips, techniques and stories to help improve each trip. 

Get Look Closely, your free Guide to Seeing What You're Missing!

Look Closely: Ask the right questions to see the right details

Like many readers of this Guide, you'll likely find that it helps you see in a completely new way. Get the Guide and you'll start to uncover all sorts of hidden wonders you never noticed before, on a trip or even at home.