Ask the right questions to see the right details

Look Closely: Ask the right questions to see the right details

Ask the right questions to uncover hidden wonder

To be a better writer, photographer or traveler, it helps to focus on the details you encounter on a trip. But not just any details. The right details.

How do you know what those are? Which will make for a better story or photograph? Which small moments will make your trip even more meaningful and memorable?

The secret is to learn to ask the right questions when you're in a new place. Not just, "What do I see here?" but "What moves me here? What kindles my interests or passions? What brings a huge grin to my face or a deep sigh to my heart?" 

Those are only the start, for there are many, many more questions to ask and techniques to employ to glean the right details that will make your writing come alive and your images pop. Asking these questions will make your trip more fun and the results more impressive.

So how do you learn these key questions and techniques? Easy!

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  • Learn which questions to ask when you're onsite so you get the best results

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