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In Munich, Germany, at the famous Hofbrauhaus brewery, locals hang out at tables assigned specifically for them. They also keep their beer steins locked in racks that only they and other locals can access. This, in part, is what separates the tourists from the locals. And yet even though there’s a clear cultural divider there between insiders and outsiders, everyone is welcome. It’s the same here: You mayโ€ฆ

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Find a way in…

Welcome toย my site. Here you’ll find insights, discoveries and messages from along the way regarding the art of meaningful experiences, What’s a meaningful experience? That’s up to you to decide.

In general, it involves an experience – something you partake in – that makes a difference…to you, to others, to the world.

In particular, we’ll explore the intersection of travel and creativity (in all its forms, from art to business to life) and see how to travel in a manner that enhances your creativity and create in a manner that improves every trip you take.