Visual appeal: Plan your trips around what delights you most visually

Visual appeal - Machu Picchu

What you see is what you get When planning where to go on a trip, don’t overlook one of the most important, seemingly obvious and least considered aspects of travel: The visual appeal to you of the places you’ll visit. Now obviously, travel consists of so much more than what you see. In particular, the people you meet tend to be highlights of your trip. But also the…

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Chiusa, Italy: Small town with a big view

Chiusa and the serendipity of travel Discovering some unknown (to you) place on your own is one of the great joys of travel. No one has recommended it to you, guidebooks may barely mention it and yet, once there, you wonder, “Why have I never heard of this place before?” Most people head to the Dolomites – that craggy region of northern Italy – to hike amid its…

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