The Art of Craft

Art and Craft - Planter

I designed this to hold flowers or a plant. It has led to a whole series of different kinds of planters.

Here we look at the art of craft through projects, experiments and inspirations. We explore the world of craft and making and see how the old question of “is it art or is it craft” may not really matter. My goal isn’t to debate aesthetic terms but to encourage all of us to try out hands at new forms of making. I want to improve my art by improving my craft and vice versa. What does all that mean? Stick around and we’ll find out together…

For a start, read here about Chemo Gifts (or start below) and how to find your own intersection of passion and need.


Make something from your trip: Part 1

Acorn people

Combine travel and creativity to make something from your trip Travel and creativity make such a powerful team, they should have their own Netflix series. Travel helps you pay better attention, gets you out of ruts and generates ideas you’d never consider at home. But at this time when we can’t travel, does that mean that your creativity has to suffer as well, locked down and quarantined? Not…

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