Hidden Travel

Coming April, 1, 2021!

Hidden Travel CoverHidden Travel: The Way to More

Have you ever had a magic moment on a trip that so moved you, you knew you’d remember it forever? Hidden Travel shows you how to experience more such moments anywhere, even at home.

While most guidebooks reveal sights that matter to others, Hidden Travel teaches you how to find what matters to you, on trips around the world or just around the corner. It’s about using travel to get enough distance from your ordinary life to realize just how extraordinary it is. In so doing, you’ll also discover more: more meaning, adventure, relationships, purpose, creativity, fulfillment, joy or whatever you want more of in your life.

Through stories, insights, research findings and exercises gleaned from 40 years of travel to over 50 countries, you’ll learn how to:

  • Experience a different, more meaningful kind of travel many long for but few find.
  • Discover hidden places of wonder and hidden wonder in ordinary places.
  • Turn your trip into a learning laboratory to try out new interests and personas.
  • Use unusual quests and questions to connect deeply with locals — even if you’re an introvert.
  • Grow your confidence and courage on a trip in safe, fun, and exciting ways.
  • Know what the happiest part of any trip is and how to cultivate more joy.
  • Turn the inevitable bad times on a trip into great moments and memories.
  • Develop new ways of seeing that involve all your senses.
  • Do a volunteer vacation in a way that helps rather than hurts.
  • Pack better by leaving behind unhelpful baggage, both physical and emotional.
  • Experience and even create magic moments for you and others anywhere.
  • End any trip well by practicing this one secret.
  • Apply your trip to your life so that each day at home feels more like an adventure.

Whether you’re just beginning or are into adventure travel, family travel, slow travel, sustainable travel or your own form of independent travel, this book offers a refreshingly different way to approach travel and life. It’s an inspiring perspective that works even when you can’t travel.

With short, easy-to-read sections and inspiring photos, this book makes the perfect gift for you or that special traveler in your life who desires both a better way to travel and a more adventurous way to live.