The photographer’s DIY walking tour of downtown LA

Photographer's DIY walking tour of downtown LA: Downtown Skyline

See – and photograph –  downtown Los Angeles in a new way I call this the photographer’s DIY walking tour of downtown LA, but you you don’t have to be a photographer to benefit from this self-guided tour of the highlights of downtown Los Angeles (DTLA). Here I offer you a route with stops along the way at some of DTLA’s most popular locations. At…

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Rethinking the art of collecting

Collecting, particularly on a trip, looks different to different people. For some, collecting is an end to itself. You travel in order to find objects that you tote home and add to some existing collection (or that start a new one). For others, collecting is only a means to an end. They find that the best things to collect aren’t things per se but sparks…

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If I’d only known this secret to mastery earlier

One secret to mastery is to break everything into small steps. For example, small steps like practicing 15 minutes every day turns out to be more effective than say, slogging through five hours of practice once a week. This applies to learning a musical instrument, acquiring a second language or improving your jump shot. Break anything into daily baby steps and you’ll go further faster.…

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