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Resources: Greatest BooksHere you’ll find an ever-growing set of free resources on travel, creativity and meaningful experiences including the presentation and workbook for How to Prepare Now for Better Trips Later.

You’ll also find Traveler Type Guides and Tips for Beginning Travelers along with helpful eBooks on Making Better Travel Photos and a Guide to Paying Attention to the RIGHT Details on a Trip (a particularly helpful resource for writers and artists).


KIROS Presentation:

Why you are more creative than you think. 

Get the presentation here: Why You Are More Creative Than You Think

How to Prepare Now for Better Trips Later

The presentation walks you through the main points on things you can do at home to make your trips down the road even better.

Get the presentation:


The workbook goes even further giving you greater detail on each point and worksheets for you to fill out for your own planning purposes. Included here is the mini Guide to Determining Your Best Trip Destination.

Get the workbook: 


How to Practice Traveling

Either because you’re forced to stay home during a pandemic or you’re simply between trips, use this guide to show you ten travel skills you can practice to make you a better traveler. Click on the image or this link to download your copy of this interactive guide with links to examples and other resources.


Click on the title or image to download the guide that matches your traveler type. If you feel you’re more than one traveler type, feel free to read as many as you like. You’ll find some overlap between them but mostly fresh tips and insights to get the most out of travel by understanding and pursuing your specific traveler type.


Adventurous Traveler’s Guide 

This is for you Adventurers who like your trips filled with a bit of nature and the unusual. Travel should produce a thrill and this guide will help you find the ones that are right for you.




Connecting Traveler’s Guide 

For you Connector Travelers who love to meet new people, hang out with friends and family or connect on a deeper level with the cultures you visit, this guide is for you.





Creative Traveler’s Guide

For the artists, writers, photographers, videographers, storytellers and anyone with a creative streak, use this guide to help you find new ways of getting inspired and collecting the raw materials for your creative endeavors on a trip.




Learning Traveler’s Guide

For you Learning Travelers who never met an idea you didn’t like or wonder about what’s to be found around that next corner, this guide is for you to help you find more intriguing learning opportunities on any trip.






Meaningful travel tips for the start of your trip.

FOR BEGINNERS: Tips for Meaningful Travel at the Start of Your TripThis set of helpful travel tips provides insights for first-time travelers and also for more experienced ones as well. Learn the secrets of starting your trip in a meaningful way that will set the direction for the rest of your trip.


Beginners Guide Cover

The Beginner’s Guide to Making Awesome Travel Photos – This easy-to-use eBook explains simple ways to shoot better travel photos even if you don’t know the difference between an F-stop and a stop light. It provides an overview of key principles you can put to use on your next trip or right away to make all your photos better.

Look Closely CoverLook Closely: Make any writing more interesting by finding and using the right details
 – The secret to great writing or photography isn’t just about the details. It’s about capturing the right details. This illustrated eBook teaches you the secrets behind choosing selective details that will make your writing and images more compelling and memorable and your work a lot easier.




  • Vic Simon says:

    Great resources, Steve. Keep up the wonderful job of sharing your passion of dispensing travel tips. Cheers to you, mate!

    • Steve Brock says:

      Thanks, Vic. I appreciate that. I’m glad you found these useful and feel free to reach out if you have ideas for resources you wish were here since I want to make these as helpful as possible.

      • Susan says:

        This is not really a reply, it is a new subject. I took your travel quiz then I read both the Creater and the Learner guides and found it interesting that there was quite a bit of overlap. Love the photos by the way and recognized a few things.
        I have been traveling since 1978. I have taken probably more than 2/3 of my trips alone, not by choice, but because I had no one to travel with. I learned that it is a totally different experience to travel alone than with others. You do tend to talk to more people, and sometimes can get yourself into a bit of a scrape.
        One of my best memories is walking around Katmandu before dawn when the streets were virtually empty and seeing people lighting incense and candles in the shrines. Watching people pray. Most important first stop was the English language book store there because it was so hard to find books outside the country written by Nepali people. Got pretty good at bargaining too. 🙂

        • Steve Brock says:

          Thanks for sharing, Susan. On the quiz, the overlap between the resources is intentional. Most people are a combination of two or even more traveler types. Especially for Creator and Learner, there’s a really big overlap. I can take the quiz several times in different moods and come up with different results. That’s not a flaw of the quiz (I hope!) so much as how we’re all multifaceted individuals. And I love your story of Katmandu because I can picture the scene since I too love getting out early. Memories like that stick with you for your whole life. Thanks again, Steve

          • Susan says:

            I was mainly up so early because I had not yet adjusted to the time change. I have only been to Asia 4 times, but each time that is the difficulty. It takes about 3 days for me to adjust and the same on the return. I would never go to Asia on a less than 2 or 3 week trip because of that. So I just couldn’t sleep. I got up and just walked. It was good to have done that because during the day the sidewalks were so crowded it was hard to get around.

  • Wow I like it and I wanna work with you

  • Michelle says:

    Fantastic collection of resources! Thank you for all of this support in traveling at our best!